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Albaglow - Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum; still the Number One!
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The world of cosmetics loves novelty, novel molecules, and innovative complexes. However, in this race to the always new and efficient, some assets resist and do not take a wrinkle. Retinol is of this caliber. Never has its effectiveness been called into question, the better it still succeeds today to improve. New properties, optimized tolerance ... it interests more than ever the world of beauty.  Albaglow Retinol Serum is a sure bet. It makes us want to take stock and rediscover this super anti-aging. 

Retinol is the cosmetic ingredient whose effectiveness has been most seriously proven. Indeed, retinol is a cosmetic molecule apart, which for years has been the subject of studies comparable to those that regulate drugs. The goal: to objectify its anti-aging effectiveness on the skin; enter Albaglow Retinol Serum whose effectiveness defies the outstanding expectations.

If you only offer one anti-aging product, bet on Albaglow.  Just like all other Albaglow serums, Albaglow Retinol Serum is on average three times more charged with active ingredients than a cream and its fluid texture runs straight up to the cells.  Normal, because the creams, have a vocation to isolate the skin from external aggressions. In fact, the new generation of Albaglow serums is no longer used as a cure, but daily, under the cream.  It's the Albaglow’s influence; you are in a beauty contest every day of your life.

Active Ingredients:

Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Aqua, Xanthan Gum, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract Citric Acid, Green Tea Extract,


  1. Wash face with your favorite Albaglow soap and pat skin dry.
  2. Apply Albaglow Face Toner before serum
  3. Apply a thin layer of Albaglow Retinol Serum over desired area, and allow drying.
  4. After the serum has dried completely, you may apply your favorite Albaglow moisturizer.


Albaglow Retinol Serum - Best Anti-Aging Serum

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